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Im WeAk ItS tRuE

Do YoU eVeN kNoW yOu MeT mE?

14 October
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♥ I'm down to earth, very outgoing and i speak the truth. if i don't like you..you pretty much know it. i'm a bich and i'm ok with that. go ahead and call me one. i don't care. it's the truth. i'm not some skinny girl who prances around showing off her body. i am single. not loving it but thats the way life goes.i'm 17. senior in high school and most likely going to college in florida. or michigan. i live in NY born and raised here. i have an accent. i don't fit a certain label. i'm preppy one day then can be completely punk the next. im very athletic and competitve. basketball used to be my life. i couldn't live without movies. sometimes i would rather curl up on the couch with a good movie on a friday night instead of going out. im a dork who loves to read. i wear glasses but not all the time. I am addicted to reality TV and sappy teen dramas. I don't smoke cigarettes. I drink. I am addicted to buying shoes, any type. I’m rude when i want to be. I’m pretty open. i don't like talking on the phone much. I love to talk on aim/aol. I am very sarcastic. i have the only kind of facial expressions. I’m not a whore. I love the night. I love to cuddle. i am really flirty. i am spoiled. i'm a brat. I am sometimes, a jealous person. I’m nice.I dont really care what poeple think of me. I Love to stay up all night and sleep all day. Im very lazy. My favorite color’s are baby blue, lime green, and silver. I curse a lot. i can't dance but that doesn't stop me.I get bored easily. i get distracted easily. I hate my hair. i want straight blonde hair instead of my wavy blonde mess.i would like a better body. i want to lose 20-30 pounds. I shop too much. when i'm stressed i shut myself off from everyone.I love to make new friends. i love music, all kinds, mainly punk and rap. laughter is the best medichine. i'm a good listener. i tend to solve other peoples problems before mine own. i love swimmers. i'm obsessed with degrassi. i'm always willing to talk about whateverr.I talk alot. I hate drugs. I love penguins. im your average teenager and then some. don't like me. don't deal with me

Crystal is my Degrassi hoe and we are going to make some hot babies in her closet!
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