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like so should be doing my project - Im WeAk ItS tRuE [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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like so should be doing my project [May. 16th, 2005|01:36 am]
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[My Tunes: |even stevens]

don't take these answers to heart. most of them arn't true..

click to leave a comment and you will see my answers. im too lazy to fix it.

The Big Honkin' Degrassi Survey

Created by mrbnatural and taken 167 times on bzoink!

Who is most closely resembles your personality?ALEX
Who is your favorite female character?ALEX
Who is your favorite male character?STEVE NASH
Who would you most want to go on a date with?DYLAN
Who would you like for a best friend?CRAIG
Who do you despise the most?EMMA
Who has the best fashion sense?LIBERTY
Who has the coolest hair?SPINNER
Who has the sexiest eyes?SULLY
Which character do you feel sorriest for?TOBY
Who do you have NO sympathy for?CHANTE THE BLACK GIRL
Who would you like to have your back in a fistfight?DARCY
Who would you NEVER expect to catch crying?CRAIG
Who would make the best dad, when he grows up?TOBY
Who would make the best mom, when she grows up?MANNY
Who do you think could be a panty thief?HAZEL
Who would be the BEST lead for a spin-off show?BABY JACK
If only ONE other character could tag along, who?JT
Who do you think would *really* be a good class prez?TOWERS
Which of the adult characters do you like the most?MR. OoOoOoRGASIM
Do you have a crush on them?FUCK YES
Which episode was your total favorite?LIKE ROCK N ROLL HIGH OMG
What specific scene did you enjoy the best?TERRI GOING INTO A COMA
Which episode made you cry the most?the shooting duh..well the end of that episode. i cry every time
What specific scene was especially tearful for you?JT'S WET DREAM. IT'S SUCH A TEAR JERKER
Who's behavior pisses you off the most?ashley
What one thing did they do that really angered you?making jimmy a cripple
Who doesn't get enough play?JT
What boy do you think would be the best kisser?CHRIS THOSE BIG BLACK LIPS =X
What girl do you think would be the best kisser?KENDRA
If you were (or are) gay, you'd probably go out with...CRAIG..OR ALEX
Who really should have been arrested by now?MR. ARMSTRONG
Which character do you think is secretly insecure?mr. raditch
Work; the theater with Paige OR the Dot with Spinner?with paige.like oh my gawh
What was the most romantic hook-up on the show?JIBERTY thats hot!
What scene was the sweetest, lovey-doviest? *swoon*the ravine scene between jay and emma
What two characters would you like to see get together?CRALEX =x
If they got really kinky... which THREE?Jake, Stephanie a new character coming in season 5, and aubrey
Who would make the best television reporter?Sean
Who would make the best police officer?jay
Who would make the best exotic dancer?liberty
Who would make the best psychic detective?terri?
Who would make the best rockstar?Toby
Who would make the best artist?as in drawing? JT
New character; rather see a new boy or a new girl?boy
No more image make-overs; Spinner or Ashley?SPINNER
What ethnicity do you think Alex is?italian or spanish. or both.idk whatever she is it's hot!
Marco's parents are TROLLS; is he adopted?maybe? do you want him to be
Would YOU adopt Marco?no
Could you *really* keep your paws off him?marco?! yes i could actually
Who could use a better significant other?jake. CRALEX for life
Would you buy a car from Joey Jeramiah?only if craig sells it to me
Who is the most angst?craig?
Who is the most cheerful?paige
Who is the sluttiest?manny
Who is the most depressed?ashley
Who could use to gain a few pounds?alex
Who could use a fork in the eye?emma
Ritalin Spin, Blonde Spin, Hobbit Spin, or Mohawk Spin?blonde rialin fat spinner
What sort of fate does he deserve for his bad deeds?SULLY
Who is most likely to commit suicide?rick? but that wasn't really suicide so i'd say Ellie.
Who is most likely to rob a convenient store?jay..duh
Better emo poet; Ashley or Rick?ashley fo sho
Will you buy (or have you bought) the DVD boxset?uh duh..and second season was pre-ordered
If there is one, would you buy Cassie Steele's album?i did..but it never came
How much would you pay to tour the Degrassi set?a lot of money couple thou
If you could only get ONE character's autograph...?SHELIA THE COOK
Who do you think will be big in other tv projects?KENDRA
Who do you think will go on to star in lots of movies?CHESTER
Was this survey fun? :Duh huh

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